Integration and Collective Wisdom

Collective inquiry consists of a set of tools and skills that help a team or organization find adaptive responses to its most difficult problems, anticipate the future with creative and innovative solutions, and promote a change in the way we observe and act in the world. From a state of greater awareness and presence it is possible to access information (systemic, essential) that escapes us on a daily basis and that we need to successfully face new challenges in products and services (technical complexity), new ways of relating. (social complexity) and new ways of understanding the world (emerging complexity).


  • Know the different conversational spaces and learn to navigate through them.
  • Learn to create and sustain generative dialogues from which creative and innovative ideas can emerge.
  • Develop an appreciative look in our way of approaching difficulties and challenges.


  • Collective intelligence and wisdom. Differences.
  • Dialogue. The art of thinking together.
  • Four conversational fields.
  • Presence and full attention.
  • How to create powerful questions.
  • The appreciative look.
  • Some inquiry techniques.