Effective Communication

Communication is the basis of all relational processes that occur in human systems (teams and organizations). Without good communication, the effectiveness of formal management and work processes can be seriously affected. Active and empathetic listening and sincere and authentic expression are two fundamental elements of all effective communication that allow us to prevent conflicts, create a good work environment and connect with group wisdom. With effective communication it is possible to create spaces in which people share their needs with security and trust.



  • Know what the main difficulties in communication are and how they affect us.
  • Practice active and empathetic listening and develop an assertive communication style based on authenticity and transparency.
  • Learn to give and receive critical and appreciative feedback from Empathic Communication.



  • Information flow in Living Systems.
  • Communication. Difficulties and barriers.
  • Communication styles. Assertiveness.
  • Active and empathetic listening.
  • Give and receive critical and appreciative feedback.
  • Empathic communication.