Fabrika Facilitation School

The Fabrika Facilitation School (EFF) is an initiative of Fabrika- High Performance Center for Cultural Transformation.   

The EFF was born with the vocation of preparing professionals in facilitation and being a space where to train a set of tools, techniques and skills with which to support team processes and increase their effectiveness.   

A team of professionals experts in the Fabrika method is at the service of students to accompany them in developing skills as a facilitator, including cognitive, emotional and behavioral skills, understanding and analysing teams and organisations from a systemic perspective. 


Team Facilitation is an advanced training, based on the Fabrika Method, that trains people who complete it to be facilitators of team processes. 

The program consists of 2 levels to perform in 2 years. 

  • In the first level you learn to know, understand and analyze the operation of equipment processes. 

  • In the second level you acquire basic tools and skills to facilitate some team processes. 


  1. Train professional facilitators, people with skills and tools to support timely and accompany a team in their management and change processes. 

  1. Train leaders and team leaders on their way to a facilitative leadership style, from which to support team processes in their own organization. 


Persons who have completed the two levels will have acquired the following skills. 

  • Understanding and analysing teams and organizations from a systemic perspective, including people, relationships, processes, structures, purpose and context. 

  • Cognitive, emotional and behavioral skills to improve your way of communicating, relating and being in a group or team. 

  • Knowledge and practice of practical tools to facilitate and intervene in different group spaces: collective inquiry, decision making, conflict management and group cohesion. 

  • Advanced skills to accompany people and teams in their management and change processes over time, especially in times of tension and conflict. 

  • Positive and creative attitude to difficulties and challenges based on trust and the power of collaboration. 

Academic structure: 

The training process of the Equipment Facilitation program is developed along two levels: 

estructura ingles


The program is divided into 2 levels in which different objectives and competences related to the three knowledge for an INTEGRAL TRAINING are worked: 

  • KNOWLEDGE: Theories, models and key concepts. 
  • KNOWING HOW TO BE: Attitudes, personal skills, ethics and values necessary to facilitate and accompany teams. 
  • KNOW-HOW: Techniques and skills for good performance: 

At each level, for optimal use and a good assimilation and integration of contents, experiences and processes, a person-centred learning methodology is used and structured in 4 phases.  

To whom it is addressed: 

  • People who want to dedicate themselves professionally to facilitating team processes from a systemic perspective that takes into account and integrates the people, processes and purpose of any group, team or organization. 
  • People who occupy managerial and leadership positions and want to learn or improve their skills in equipment facilitation to apply them in their own company or organization. 
  • Professionals in the field of organizational consulting who want to know the operation of teams and organizations from the perspective of living systems and include these ideas in their own work. 
  • Professionals who work with groups of any kind and want to improve their relational, communicative and group management skills. 

Organising Entity and Team: 

Equipment Facilitation is a training promoted by the Fabrika Facilitation School with the support of Fabrika. 
The teaching team consists of experts in facilitating team processes, in the world of business, education, sports or public administration. 

San Sebastián edition information:

Time: Thursday afternoon (16:00h to 20:00h) Friday morning (9:00h to 15:00h.)
Modality: Face to face.
Place:  Limited.
Starting date:  February 15, 2024


Madrid new edition:

Time: Thursday afternoon (16:00h to 20:00h) Friday morning (9:00h to 15:00h.)
Modality::  Face to face.
Place: Limited.
Starting date:  February 2025


School of Facilitation of Fabrika 
Miramon Pasealekua, 181 

20014 San Sebastian 

Tlf: +34 943 06 43 43

Argi Ezkura: argiezkurra@fabrika.eus 

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